Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978

Baghouse (Bin Vent)

BDC Series

The BDC dust collector is a compact, self-cleaning, continuous-duty system that economically meets the needs of most every industrial dust collection application. This advanced system utilizes a pulse-jet cleaning system that effectively “pulses-off” the captured dust and cleans the filter while the system stays on-line. With minimal pressure drop, the BDC’s many filter media options maintain 99.9%+ filtration efficiency.

The BDC Series provides superior design and performance with advanced, maintenance-friendly features. Its heavy-duty, rugged construction and factory-assembled sections ensures quick installation and years of dependable performance.

SDC Series


The SDC Series of dust collectors from United Air Specialists are ideal for intermittent industrial processes. These shakerstyle systems effectively collect airborne pollutants at the source, as well as clean their own fi lter media upon shutdown. Available as a bin vent or standalone collector, the SDC offers several discharge options including pail and drum arrangements.

The compact SDC takes up very little factory fl oor space and eliminates the need for expensive compressed air. Installation is fast and easy, as this self-contained system comes complete with fan, fan motor, automatic shaker, shaker motor and equipment controller. The SDC also offers a wide sele... Read More