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Coolant Cat

DIMENSIONS Cabinet: 60 3/8" H x 26 1/2" W x 24 1/2" D
WEIGHT 275 lbs. actual
425 lbs. shipping
AIRFLOW 1,000 -11500 CFM
CONSTRUCTION 16 gauge polyurethane painted steel cabinet
PREFILTERS 24" x 24" x 2" oil impingement baffle filter, and 24" x 24" x 2" aluminum mesh prefilter
PRIMARY FILTER 24" x 24" x 29", 8-pocket 95% average efficiency special oil mist bag filter 90 sq. ft. of media.
Option: 95% oil bag - 22", 8-pocket, 66 sq. ft. of media
Option: HEPA 99.97% - 6"
Option: Carbon - 6", 36 lbs.
Bag filter includes special oil resistant liners for handling oil collection and drainage.
Option: 65% oil bag - 29", 8-pocket, 90 sq. ft. of media
Option: 65% oil bag - 22", 8-pocket. 66 sq, ft. of media
MOTOR 1 HP, 115/1/60
Option: 1HR 3-phase Motor
Option: 2HR 3-phase Motor
CONTROLS On/Off switch on cabinet, 10' power cord
OIL DRAIN 1/2" NPT on bottom of infet plenum
FILTER ACCESS side load, liquid-tight hinged door
FILTER MONITOR 0 - 5" Minihelic® Gage
INLET PLENUM Option: 6", 8", 10" or 12" Inlet Collar
ACCESSORIES 22" H - Machine Mounting Stand
36" H - Floor Stand
Adjustable Outlet Grille
Ceiling Mounting Brackets
Drain Bottle (For 36" Stand Only)
Drain Loop Trap Assembly
Note 1 All efficiencies per ASHRAE Standard 52.1-92
For Simple and Effective Collection of Oil Smoke and Mist

Capture Contaminants -- Before They Enter Your Breathing Zone

Coolant-Cat's source capture design collects virtually 100% of coolant smoke and mist generated from metal finishing and forming processes. The unit can be placed directly on or adjacent to a machining center Fase of installation and low maintenaiuv help make the Coolant-Cat a practical and economical solution for capturing harmful contaminants.

Filtration becomes more efficient as the primary filter loads, and unlike other air cleaning technologies, the Coolant-Cat collects small, large and conductive materials. The filters are easy to replace and the media collection surface holds up to 30% more contaminant than comparable products, which means less frequent filter changes.

The upward airflow pattern encourages natural drop-out of large particles into the drain before they enter the primary filter. The standard Minihelicx Gauge shows pressure drop data, allowing the operator to visually determine filter condition and maintain peak air flow, efficiency and filter life. The specially-designed gasketed liquid-tight filter access door prevents leakage. The inlet plenum includes an integral drain for disposal or reuse of valuable coolant The Coolant-Cat helps meet OSHA requirements for employee health and safety by removing contaminants before they enter a worker's breathing zone.

Applications & Features


    Coolant-Cat is an ideal filtration solution for the following applications:
  • Boring
  • CNC Machines
  • Drilling
  • Hobbing
  • Lathes
  • Milling
  • Quenching
  • Rolling
  • Screw Machines
  • Stamping/Drawing
  • Threading
  • Transfer Machines
  • Turning Centers
  • Wet Cutoff Saw
  • Wet Grinding
Coolant-Cat Principle of Operation

The Coolant-Cat vertical oil mist and smoke collector is designed for capturing pollutants directly at the source, Oil or coolant mist and smoke laden air is drawn through the inlet plenum making a 40┬░ turn prior to entering the first filtration stage,, allowing for drop-out of large particles* Any collected oil is then released through the oil drain at the bottom of the inlet plenum. The first filtration stage removes droplets and large particles through an oil impingement baffle prcfilter that stops these particles from circulating further through the filtration cycle. The second stage is an aluminum mesh prefilter that collects fine droplets and smaller particles, Both filters in the first and second stage can easily be removed and cleaned for reuse. At the third stage, a 29" deep extended surface oil bag filter rated at 95% efficiency1 collects the smaller and submicron particles. Clean air is then discharged back into the workspace through the top outlet of the Coolant-Cat unit.