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Disc Skimmers

CRUCIAL's skimmers can help clean a wastewater stream, remove contami nants from coolants and wash water, or recover a valuable or reusable product.

Our skimmers collect any free floating oils, including petroleum, animal, vegetable and mineral oils. Oils may be recovered from small sumps, tanks or waste ponds.

CRUCIAL manufactures production model skimmers as well as specifically de signed ones. Our specialty is problem-solving. Some two decades of experience goes into each model and its application to your installation.


Mop skimmers have proven their effectiveness for decades in thousands of applications worldwide. The concept is simple. Oleo philic mop floats on the surface of the water and collects the floating oil. The mop is then rotated thru a motor driven wringer where the oil is squeezed off and collected.


The ORD disc skimmers are another time-proven solution to oil recovery and clean-up. This concept uses the oleophilic property of oil wetted metal discs.


Industries that are using our equipment include: automotive, aviation, food processing, industrial launderies, metalworking, steel mills, chemical plants, and refineries.


Consultation on your specific needs and installa tion is available.


All equipment carries a one year warranty.

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