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Diversitech Fred Jr Portable Dust Collector

Keeping your worker’s breathing zone safe requires a capture-at-source extractor they will actually use. Designed to be moved and positioned effortlessly, the FRED-JR excels at removing weld fumes, dusts, and other airborne contaminants as small as 0.5 micron with a standard nanofiber filter.

Maintenance of the Fred Jr's filter cartridge is clean and easy since operators are not exposed to airborne dust from blowing the filers clean. The unit is designed to collect particles on the inside of the cartridge, allowing operators to clean the filters with compressed air without creating a dust cloud in your facility.

The capture arm's external articulation protects the arm's components from wear and tear, as smoke and dust passes through the arm without contacting the swivel and pivot points of the supporting structure. The high suction and capture velocity developed by the Fred JR allows high performance for extended production runs and allows operators to capture and filter dust and fumes further away from the hood than competitive models.

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