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Diversitech Monsoon Wet Downdraft Tables

The MONSOON™ Wet Downdraft Table is the most cost-effective, high performance and compact wet dust collection solution on the market. Diversitech’s self-contained design allows operators to fill up the dust collection table with water, saving costs versus a typical wet dust collector and ducted table configuration. The wet downdraft table complies with all NFPA standards for the collection of metal and other combustible dusts.

The MDD MINI comes standard with a manual water level control system and is available with an auto-water level control system to maintain the correct water level. The wet downdraft table system is intended to collect combustible metal dusts, and other explosive dust particles from many different manufacturing operations. 

The MONSOON™ works by capturing contaminated air through the table grating and moves it into a torrent of moving water. The wet downdraft removes dust particles as they bond to the water spray, and eventually settles in the water tank for removal. Baffling inside the table creates the required turbulence to maximize filtration efficiency and prevents water from being exhausted from the machine.

Monsoon Brochure