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HURRICANE™ -- Industrial Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator

  • No Electrical Operating Costs
  • No Wiring Costs
  • No Starter Costs
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Low Structural Impact Weight - just 60lbs.
  • Quiet Operation
How Can Ventilation Be FREE?

Are you aware of the hidden costs of exhaust fans? The immediate reaction by many facility owners to improve ventilation is to add some exhaust fans. Exhaust fans will remove air to be sure, but when you stop to think about the costs of exhaust fans is it really an effective approach? First you have the fan equipment cost, then you have structural modification costs to handle the heavy weight of the fan, then you have motor starter costs, then you have wiring costs, then you have electrical operating costs and finally you have frequent maintenance costs.

What if we told you that you could ventilate your plant for FREE!

It's true. Most buildings are creating a natural gravity effect where the hot air is rising from the floor to the roof creating a positive pressure at the upper levels and a negative pressure at the lower levels. Gravity or stack effect is caused by convection (hot air rises), the temperature difference from inside the building as compared to outside of the building and the height of the building. If a proper gravity opening is installed at the roof, the positive pressure caused by stack effect will cause the heat to leave the building. As the heat leaves the building through the roof opening, the air at the floor will be displaced by cooler air entering the building from lower levels.

Why pay for ventilation when Mother Nature will do the work for you!

A properly designed gravity opening will provide ventilation due to stack effect, but by harnessing the wind, ventilation can be improved by 600% or more! Antiquated "doghouse" style gravity openings are susceptible to wind direction and can actually cause down drafts shutting off exhaust ventilation. With the Hurricane wind driven turbine ventilator, the wind strikes the vertical vanes causing the head to rotate. The rotating action generates a powerful area of low pressure causing additional air to be exhausted from the building. Afternoon is typically when the most ventilation is required in a plant. Average afternoon wind velocities in the U.S are 6-10 MPH or even higher providing even more FREE ventilation!

Why should you consider a Hurricane turbine ventilator?
  • Eliminates all wiring, starter, electrical and maintenance costs.
  • The Hurricane weighs only 60 lbs compared to a 400lb fan, eliminating structural modification costs and easing installation
  • The Hurricane is very quiet and the rotating action provides employees with the visual knowledge that the unit is operating.
  • The Hurricane is fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminum for long life.
  • The Hurricane is the largest of its type moving maximum airflow.
  • The Tandaco Pre-Packed Double row Ball Bearing system prevents any seizing.
  • The Vari-Pitch base field rotates to fit virtually any roof pitch and the self flashing base eases installation.
  • The Hurricane has been independently tested assuring airflow levels, no water penetration and no structural damage up to 123MPH wind speeds.
  • The Hurricane has a 5 year warranty compared to a one year warranty for most fans.

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