Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978

PCN Portable

DIMENSIONS Arm length 120"
Unit height 44"
Unit length 42"
Unit width 28"
WEIGHT 400 lbs.
ELECTRICAL 115 volt/single-phase/60hz (ETL Listed)
7.4 amps
AIRFLOW 1,000 CFM (Nominal)
SWING ARM OPTIONS 8" diameter, 7' length
8" diameter, 14' length
8" inlet collar in place of swing arm
Capture Pollutants at the Source
    The SMOG-HOG Porta-Clean® is a portable unit designed specifically to eliminate smoke, dust, powders and other dry process pollutants in areas where:
  • large pick-up hoods are impractical
  • dust and smoke producing machinery is used intermittently
  • an employee goes from one work station to another

Applications & Features

Using electrostatic precipitator, the Porta-Clean electrically charges the microscopic contaminants, then captures them much like a magnet in the ESP electric cell. Easily cleaned and reusable aluminum collection components eliminate filter replacement and disposal. And because each collection cell can hold more than one pound of welding oxide before cleaning is required, maintenance time is minimized.

By Positioning the source capture swing arm and Para-vent hood directly over the smoke or dust source, the Porta-Hog removes dangerous contaminants that may cause respiratory problems and create safety and maintenance concerns - a situation that can cause lost work time, workers' compensation costs and OSHA compliance violations.

Large industrial wheels and convenient handles make the Porta-clean easy to glide from one work station to another while locking casters keep the unit in place once it is positioned.

Breath Easier with Porta-Clean
    Porta-Clean is an adaptable, efficient and easily-maintained source capture system. The Porta-clean also:
  • helps meet OSHA air quality standards
  • reduces make-up air requirements by cleaning and recirculating the air
  • exhausts clean air through a vertical outlet, directing exhaust toward the ceiling instead of the user
  • reduces maintenance cost by eliminating smoke and dust before particles can settle on equipment and work surfaces