Protecting the Industrial Workplace from Harmful Dust & Fumes


Dust collection systems can perform poorly due to inadequate duct work designs.

There are several variables that factor into the right duct work design for a system. Variables can range from number of machines running at one time, duct conveying velocities, dust characteristics and air volume requirements.

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Dynacom offers all different types of duct

Dynacom has been recognized for consistently high performance by both customers and suppliers.


Nordfab Clamp Together Duct

Manufactured by Nordfab

Ideal for most dust collection applications, Nordfab Quick-Fit® Clamp Together Ducting can reduce installation time by as much as 50%, reducing costs and downtime. Quick and easy to install, QF® is also easy to clean and is re-useable during facility reconfigurations. Ductwork is available in galvanized and stainless steel construction.

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nordfab in-line spark trap 2.0

Nordfab In-line Spark Trap 2.0

Manufactured by Nordfab

Simple, Economical Fire Protection. Installed in ducting as part of a dust collection system, the Nordfab In-line Spark Trap 2.0 greatly reduces the possibility of fire in dust collectors by decreasing the number of sparks that could reach the cyclone or collector through the ductwork.

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Welded and Flanged Duct

Manufactured locally

Flanged duct systems are constructed of metal and assembled together with flanges or welded and painted.


Lockseam, Flanged and Galvanized Duct

Manufactured locally

The seam on a lockseam duct system is folded over several times to create a tight and rigid seal. The seam on the duct can be located on the top of horizontal runs and will not leak on the vertical runs. Elbows and other fittings are welded and the connections are flanged together. These systems are manufactured from galvanized metal.

Dynacom fabrication of custom hoods


Manufactured locally

Hoods are made to order per the application. They can be either a welded or riveted construction dependent upon the gauge of material.

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