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Ventilators (Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator)

HURRICANE™ -- Industrial Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator

  • No Electrical Operating Costs
  • No Wiring Costs
  • No Starter Costs
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Low Structural Impact Weight - just 60lbs.
  • Quiet Operation
How Can Ventilation Be FREE?

Are you aware of the hidden costs of exhaust fans? The immediate reaction by many facility owners to improve ventilation is to add some exhaust fans. Exhaust fans will remove air to be sure, but when you stop to think about the costs of exhaust fans is it really an effective approach? First you have the fan equipment cost, then you have structural modification costs to handle the heavy weight of the fan, then you have motor starter costs, then you have wiring costs, then you have ... Read More