Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978

Mistbuster® 2000

Filtration Stages:

1st Stage: 4" aluminum mesh impingement
2nd Stage: AQE Advantage (Long Life) Electronic Cell x 2
3rd Stage: MistBuster (High- Efficiency) Cell x 2
4th Stage: Optional MistBuster (High-Efficiency) Cell x 2
5th Stage: Optional HEPA filter 99.97% efficiency, ESF Filter, or Carbon Module

Principles of Operation:

Polluted air is drawn through the first stage mechanical mist impingers. These impingers are designed to remove thelarger mist droplets and particles. The remaining sub-micron mist droplets and particles are removed in the second stage through the process of electrostatic precipitation (ESP). The ESP provides an intense electrical charge on the remaining contaminants through the ionizing field. Two primary collection cells, laced side-by-side, work much like magnets attracting and removing charged mist droplets from the airstream. A third stage, also comprised of electrostatic cells, collects any fine mist particles that may have migrated through, increasing the overall efficiency up to 99.9%! Aluminum post-filters entrap particles, which may have been agglomerated on the cell plates.

Clean air is then returned to the room.

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