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SFC 32-2-H55

Filter Quantity 32
Valve Quantity 16
Compressed Air Consumption (SFC/PULSE) 6.8
Total Filter Media Area (FT2) 8160
Total Filter Media Area (M2 758.1
Module Quantity 4
Unit Weight 5947 lb
2698 kg
Compressed Air Consumption (SCFM 6P/Min) 40.8
Height 10' 3"
Width 15' 4"
Depth 7' 2"
Dirty Volume Total 7.79 m³
275.24 ft³
Vent Area 2.36 m³
25.42 ft³
Number of Vents 3
Vent Ratio 10.83:1
Pmax 10 bar
KST UnDucted 537 bar-m/sec
KST Ducted <10' 396 bar-m/sec
KST Ducted <20' 79 bar-m/sec


The SFC is a proven, high-quality downward flow cartridge dust collection system. With its patented pulse cleaning technology, greater air capacity and quick and easy maintenance, there’s no better air filtration method for your manufacturing facility.

Our SFC unit removes harmful pollutants resulting from common manufacturing processes — such as grinding, welding, buffing and sanding. The result: a safer, cleaner environment for your employees. By using our SFC unit, you’re virtually eliminating air quality concerns in the workplace. Plus, you’re ensuring increased employee productivity, fewer absences and illnesses, more efficient cleaning, and significant operational savings.


Applications & Features


The high-performance SFC unit is ideal for all your dust collection needs. Filtering out the polluted air that commonly occurs within a manufacturing environment, SFC's many industrial applications include grinding, welding, buffing, sanding, smelting, powder bulking, and more. Plus, our design allows for field expandability — so you can add modules and increase the capacity of your system at any time.


  • Air Safety Filters — used when air is recirculated into the plant or when collecting hazardous dusts, ensuring that clean air is continuously discharged from the unit.
  • Explosion Relief Vents — minimize damage and provide a degree of personal protection in the unlikely event of an explosion that may result when collecting explosive dusts.
  • Abrasive Inlet — prevents filter media damage when collecting highly abrasive dusts.
  • Bag-In/Bag-Out Option — provides clean, safe, easy removal of fine, hazardous or difficult-to-handle dusts.
  • Blower Silencer Package — duct-type silencer reduces unit noise level to 80 dBA or less under normal operating conditions.
  • Other Add-Ons
    • Air Management Module
    • After-Filters
    • Extended Dirty Air Plenums
    • Fans
    • Leg Extensions
    • Drum Lid Latch Kit
    • Bin Vents
    • Short Drums
    • Drawer Base
    • Steep Sided Hoppers
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Service Platforms
    • Control Panels
    • Photohelic® Gauge Controls
    • Pneumatic Valve Assemblies
    • Hopper Access Doors
    • Sprinkler Heads
    • Thermal Protection Kits
    Other options and accessories available. Contact UAS for assistance.