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Used Smog-Hog SH/SHN-10 (60062520, …)

Part(s): 60062520

Used Smog-Hog SH/SHN-10

  • 20 Available
  • Variety of Voltages, plenums, hp, UL, Air Flow

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(4) 60055461,60055462,60055463, 60055464 SHN-10-UL (230 1/2hp R->L, Impinge Plenum).

(2) Part60062519,  60062520 is also an SHN10-UL (230V 1/2hp R->L Plenum).

(1) 60061000 SHN-10-UL (230V 1/2hp L->R No Plenum).

(6) 60071148, 60070600, 60070601, 60070721, 60071147, 60070720 SH10 (208V, 1/2hp, L->R, plenum).

(2) 60041280-0899, 60041281-0899  SH10-PE-H (460V 1 hp R->L, Impingement plenum)

(1) 60061031 SH10H (460/230V, 1hp L->R, Impingement plenum)

(1) 26700 SH10PE (120 Single Phase, 1/2, L->R, plenum)

(1) 533452-0391 SH10PE (460V, 1/2,L->R, plenum)

(2) 60013600, 60013601 (230V, SH10PE, 1/2hp, L->R, Impingement plenum)



60062520 SHN10

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