Industrial Filtration   - Since 1978

Air-Powered Vacuum Systems

Air Powered Drum-Top Vacuum

The VAC-U-MAX Air operated vacuum cleaner is the workhorse of our line. Available in several configurations it will clean up everything that will fit in the material hose. It is available with in two size dimensions for either a 30 gallon drum or a 55 gallon drum and with either a Single Venturi Power or a Twin Venturi Power Unit.

HEPA Vacuum

These highly effective, quiet power units are a VAC-U-MAX innovation. They are ideal for low rate, intermittent use where sufficient plant air is available when required. Simple in construction and operation, the venturi power units have no moving parts and thus require minimum maintenance.

Submerged Recovery Vacuum

The VAC-U-MAX Submerged Recovery Vacuum Cleaner is designed specifically to pick up explosive powders in a safe way. Material is brought in under level of fluid to minimize any threat to operators.

Wall-Mount Vacuum

Wall-Mounted Receiver for Model55/55E

Liquid Pickup and Transfer

The VAC-U-MAX TK unit mounts directly to the top of a 30 gallon or 55 gallon closed top drum. It is ideal for cleaning up liquid spills and recovering the liquid into the drum. Standard units are available with a VAC-U-MAX Single Venturi power and either a 1.5" diameter inlet or a 2.0" diameter inlet.

Powder-Coating Vacuum

Designed Exclusively for the Powder Coating Industry